Episode 1: Coty Schock - The Comeback

Episode 1: Coty Schock - The Comeback

Delaware pro Coty Schock has been through quite a lot in recent years with his bikes getting stolen to injuries and his extreme up and down experience at his pro debut at Unadilla. This episode covers Coty's entire motocross career up to 2016 through his words as well as his parents and proud supporters.

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Episode 1: Coty Schock - The Comeback
  • 125cc Helmet Cam with Coty Schock - Snake Creek MX

    Watch the raw 125cc laps on board with Coty Schock from his home track at Snake Creek MX in Harrington, Delaware.

  • Coty Schock On His 125 At Snake Creek

    There is no better feeling than hearing a pro shred a 125 on the track. In this Raw video, Coty Schock takes out his custom-built Honda CR125 for some laps around the Snake Creek course.

  • Part 1: The Beginning

    Coty's career in motocross started at a very young age. Watch his parents, Mike and Judi, as well as Coty talk about how they got involved with the sport and their road through the early amateur days.

  • Part 2: Delaware & Education

    Being a pro motocross racer from Delaware is a spot many people don't have. Coty talks about being a pro from Delaware as well as talking about being a public school student, going to college, and preparing for his life after motocross.

  • Part 3: Bikes Stolen & Injuries

    April of 2015 was a rough time for the Schock family. With all of their bikes being stolen to a nasty broken femur injury over a couple of months, it seemed like a wall impossible to get over for Coty. Fortunately, great people came into his life to get Coty literally back on track.

  • Part 4: Transition To Pro

    It's many motocross riders' dreams to get to the pro level. Coty talks about his brief transition getting out of the B class early to focus on getting his points toward his pro card. Also, Coty speaks about his small successes at Loretta Lynn's in 2016 to prepare for his pro debut.

  • Part 5: Unadilla Pro Debut

    Coty's pro debut wasn't planned to be at Unadilla. But his day at Unadilla could not have more up and down after qualifying in on his first try and then shortly after getting involved in a mid-race crash that lead him with multiple injuries including a broken back. Coty talks about his day in ful...

  • Part 6: The Comeback

    After a rough Unadilla pro debut, Coty is back on two wheels and looking better than ever. Watch Coty ride both his 450 and his self-custom built 125 at his home track and talking about his future plans on racing and in life.

  • Coty Schock Talks Delaware Motocross Tracks

    Coty Schock talks about his past, present, and future of motocross tracks in Delaware which include Speed Citi, which is under new ownership currently, Blue Diamond, which closed 4 years ago, and Snake Creek, which he rides and works on the track full time.